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Over 50,000 wine, spirits and beer importers, distributors, producers are members of the International Beverage Network (IBN), www.internationalbeveragenetwork.com .

Since 2001, thousands of wineries, distilleries, breweries have expanded their market, penetrated new countries via International Beverage Network.

To get immediate results, publish your NEWS RELEASE in the "IBN Newsletter / Special Edition", which is emailed to 20,000 wine and spirits importers, distributors worldwide every month.

- Present your products in the IBN World Marketplace
- Use the IBN World Directory to locate and contact importers, distributors, producers.
- Review the Calls for Tenders posted by distributors who are looking for wines, spirits and beers, and submit your offers to buyers.

If you are looking to reach wine, spirits and beer distributors and producers worldwide,


The IBN World Directory allows you to locate and contact over 50,000 wine, spirits and beer importers, distributors and producers worldwide.


Calls for tenders are submitted by importers, distributors, retailers, and other professional buyers and forwarded to suppliers that match the requests.


The World Marketplace allows you to present your products with pictures and detailed description.


To reach thousands of distributors and other professional buyers, publish your announcements in the IBN Newsletters. It will be published in the IBN NewsFeed as well.

For a dedicated emailing to specific companies and territories, contact us. Our Targeted Emailing Program allows you to reach thousands of buyers in one day and get immediate results. For more information, email us


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