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Cantina La Maranzana and Vino Indiana are proud to announce the expansion of additional products of the finest wines from the rolling hills of South Piemonte, Italy. With the success of Dolce Rosso and Dolce Bianco products launched late last year in the US, we have added additional products to our portfolio available to distributors in the USA, where they can be purchased from our US importer Vino Indiana.
Available products: Dolce Rosso (100% Brachetto), Dolce Bianco (100% Moscato), Pinot Chardonnay, Piemonte Chardonnay Brut, Dolcetto D'Asti, Spumante Brut Rose. See product descriptions below. Please contact us for samples and additional information.
The winery La Maranzana is a cooperative established by a few agricultures living in Maranzana in 1960. At the present it has around 250 members, owner of about 450 hectares of vineyards.
Maranzana is situated in the region called Monferrato in South Piedmont, bordering upon the provinces Alessandria and Asti that belongs to the buffer zone of UNESCO World Heritage Vineyard Lands.

Due to our experience in sparkling wines, Cantina Maranzana produces through the Italian method called Charmat, which guarantees the origin of a local wine.

Tasting notes:
Mild yellow in color, with greenish tint, accompanied by white foam. Exuberant and persistent, continuously effervescence; The bouquet is fruity and floral, recalls the Italian golden apple sour, a pleasant fragrance of yeast, bread crust and moss. On the palate is tasty and well balanced, fresh, pleasant to drink. The final taste is sweet and soft on the palate.


This wine is made from the classic French grape variety Chardonnay, grown in the Monferrato area. Its characteristics make it ideal for a process creating a sparkling wine before bottling, with a fermentation lasting nine months at controlled temperature in large pressurized barrels.

Tasting notes:
The wine's colour is a bright straw yellow, with golden reflections featuring greenish tinges. Its bouquet is intense and distinctive, delicate and fresh, with hints of begonia, green apple, citrus fruits and honey. On the palate, it is dry and persuasive, complex, fresh and fragrant, well-balanced and harmonious, smooth, with very delicate touches of bitter flavour, and pleasant hints of green apple. It has an enjoyable acidity that is never excessive, and its flavor recalls honey, acacia and liquorice.


This Dolcetto is a classic dry wine, even though the grape variety's name Dolcetto suggests sweetness. In fact the wine is rich in bouquet and flavour. The name derives from a sensation based on the relatively low acid content of the grapes, producing a pleasant smoothness that can be compared to sweetness.

Tasting notes:
This is an attractive, versatile, full-bodied wine; it has the wine's characteristic colour of intense ruby red, with shades of violet-red. Its bouquet has great length, with vinous and fruity characteristics, and notes of almond, violet, bilberry and raspberry, with balsamic undertones. On the palate, it is long, dry, zesty and delicate, with an appreciable tannic sensation, well-balanced and with an attractive freshness. It has a light vegetal note, with hints of red fruit, more specifically cherry.


This Spumante, sparkling rose wine, is made from Pinot Noir grapes grown on hillsides in the area of Maranzana, where the microclimate, height and exposure to sunlight are particularly favourable. All the Spumante wines produced by Maranzana have characteristically small bubbles which rise abundantly and persistently to the surface. This is a characteristic that demonstrates the meticulous attention dedicated to the wine production process, and the high quality of the pinot noir grapes used to make the Spumante.

Tasting notes:
The wine has a delicate, light cherry colour, with reflections of light coral and pale pink. The bouquet is delicate, fruity and fragrant, with notes of orange flower, strawberry, raspberry and wild rose, which develop into red fruits and floral scents. On the palate, the wine is well-balanced, extensive and sapid, with a light and rounded texture, and long-lasting smoothness.


Dolce Bianco Moscato is made from 100% Moscato grapes grown in the hills of the classic vines area of the famous Piemonte Region of Italy in the district of Maranzana and Cassine, an area that is particularly favorable in terms of height and exposure to sunlight. This wine retains the characteristic fragrance and flavor of Moscato grapes brought to their optimum maturation.

Tasting notes:
A wine with great character. Its color is golden straw yellow. Its bouquet is fragrant and intense with hints of peach, apricot and orange, typical of white grapes, with intense hints of fresh fruit. On the palate, it is well-rounded, clean, delicate, harmonious and musky, with an appropriate degree of sparkle and attractive hints of sweet pastry.




Dolce Rosso or Sweet Italian Red Wine is 100% Brachetto grapes grown in and around the Asti Region in the province of Piemonte, Italy. This area is particularly favorable in terms of height and sunlight exposure to help create a master La Maranzana - piece of fragrance, harmony and color, which is Brachetto.

Tasting notes:
The wine color is light ruby with reflections of purple. Its bouquet is generous and fragrant, presenting aromas that recall a fully open rose, with hints of mature red fruit.


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