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C & C Imports, LLC was founded in 2005 in Miami, Florida to begin the importation of a new Chilean wine into the United States. As many of you know, Chile has been an “up and coming” contender for many years now. It has produced a myriad of fine wines with incredible value being its claims to fame. Chile, however, has never basked in the glory of the French or Old World wines. We were interested in helping to further define Chile as a world-class wine-making country that could contend with the Old World and surpass the popularity of “high dollar advertisers” of the modern wine generation. We searched extensively for a producer that could meet our needs and aspirations to provide such a wine.

Our efforts began well before 2005 with the selection of a vineyard in Chile. Through our efforts, we were able to obtain a “deal we couldn't refuse”. We met with the owner of Taborga Wines and Farms in Santiago, Chile and through their cooperative agreements with Viña Lomas de Cauquenes in the Maule Valley of Chile, we had a combination with endless abilities.

Our combined interests and abilities have created exceptional Chilean wines with award winning capabilities. Our goals, as solely importers and agents, were to find and help create a product that was refreshing to the market, to the consumer and to the industry. As well as, to create a label worth remembering and to create a brand that could truly test the bounds of quality and price.

We believe we have obtained a product which will stand against the rest and further prove that
Chile can produce


We intend to bring the highest quality Chilean wines at the
best prices to the expanding global wine market. We are interested in breaking the conception that exceptional wines cannot be purchased for reasonable prices.

We hope to provide
what you would agree are


and a superb addition to your wine list!

Our goal was to enhance the market portfolio with another outstanding alternative from Chile. We have accomplished this with memorable labeling and creative winemaking that is sure to peak your interest.

is seeking U.S. distributors
and international
importers/distributors in
Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Eastern Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China and Australia.

Distributor Opportunities are available within North America, Europe and Asia.

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All shipments will be direct
from Santiago, Chile.

Please visit us on the web at: http://www.candcimports.com

Our initial offering is a superb mix of price and quality.
($8 suggested retail)

Available in
Chardonnay (2004; 13.3% ABV)
Cabernet Sauvignon (2004; 13.3% ABV)

Melania is the result of meticulous selection from among the best grape varieties produced in the region. From the hand-picking of the grapes to the 12 months of aging in Chilean Oak, we have created what may be the best Chile has to offer in an every day varietal.

MELANIA “Coleccion Especial”
($13 suggested retail)

Available in
Chardonnay (2004; 13.7%ABV)
Cabernet Sauvignon (2003; 13.0%ABV)
Merlot (2004; 13.9% ABV)

Elaborating on the idea of choosing only the most exceptional varieties, we have expanded one step further to bring you the “Coleccion Especial”. These 3 varietals are the absolute finest, non-reserve, wines we could bring you from Chile’s best vines. These exceptionally priced values are sure to win your affection.

Taborga Table Wine
($5 suggested retail)

Available in
Red (12.9% ABV)
White (13.4% ABV)

An economical Chilean Table wine made with the same care as our varietals but at significant savings. These medium-bodies vintages exhibit fresh and aromatic hints of wild flowers with exceptionally fruity flavors.

In 1894, the first generation of Taborga wine makers left the Basque countryside for Chile. Along with them, they brought the seeds of their beloved wine of which local vineyards in this mysterious region date back to pre-Roman times. They began their wine making in the Maule Valley of Chile at their estate farm of Lingo-Lingo.
Since then, the Taborga family has been interested in obtaining unsurpassed quality in their products. The careful selection of the most superior grapes along with the wisdom and art involved in creating great wines has led Taborga Wines and Farms to their newest adventure, the exportation of exceptional wines through their cooperative efforts in Chile and the United States with their new international representatives and U.S. importer. They stand behind one winemaking motto, “to create wines with noble character, beautiful colors, incomparable aromas, yet young and vigorous with a refreshing flavor.”

We would love to give you the opportunity to
sample our products soon.

Please email Chris
for more info regarding
price lists, catalogues and samples.


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