In 1938, Don Agustín Camarena, a visionary man with a great enterprising spirit, founded our company originally named "La Arandina". He built up a solid family tradition based on a single dream; to produce the best tequila, taking the taste of the best agaves from Los Altos (The Highlands) in Jalisco not only to Mexico, but the entire world.

  • 4th largest tequila distillery in Mexico
  • Family owned since 1938 (69 years of tradition)
  • Casco Viejo 4th largest tequila brand worldwide (Impact Dec 2005)
  • Casco Viejo 3rd largest tequila seller in Mexico
  • Currently distributed in Canada, USA, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Colombia, UK, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Belgium

Today, the Camarena Family is among the top 4-agave owners in Mexico, owning more than 1000 hectares, with almost 3 million of agave plants in different growing stages. Currently the company's production capacity is 4,000 cases per day and they are the 4th largest tequila seller worldwide (Impact Databank Dec 2005).

Casa Tequilera Casco Viejo combines the old and well-kept tequila process with the most innovative technology.

Don Agustin legacy lives on, after 3 generations, and today Casa Tequilera Casco Viejo is a company committed to its origins, history and dedication to produce only the best quality tequila.

Don Agustin Anejo

Made with 100% Agave
Estate Bottled at the Distillery in Arandas
Available in 200 ml, 700ml & 750 ml
38% Alc or 40% (80 Proof)
Aged in American oak barrels for 12 months
To be enjoyed in a cognac glass along with a good cigar
Oak driven agave with toasted and spicy nose
Rich, smooth rounded spicy taste

Don Agustin Reposado

Rested for 9 months in American Oak Barrels
Tequila reposado 100% Agave.
Available in 38 and 40 Alc. Vol.
Available in 20 cl and 70 cl
To be mixed on a upscale cocktail or straight up in a Cognac glass.
Strong agave aroma, followed by moisten earthly notes and wood.
Mellow agave hint, dry with light peppery wood flavor.

Silver Medal 2006, 2005 & 2004 Beverage Tasting Institute

Don Agustin Blanco

Made with 100% Agave
Available in 38 and 40 Alc. Vol.
Available in 20 cl and 70 cl
Strong agave aroma, earthly and citrus, lighty floral.
Smooth and silky soft with a clean round and rich body.

Gran Maracame
Prepare yourself for exquisite super premium 100% agave tequila of unparallel richness in aroma, body and flavor.

An elaborate and one of a kind work of art handcrafted by Huichol artisans using the style and techniques of their ancestors.

Gran Maracame is more than one of the world’s finest tequila, it honors tradition, pride, and time itself, in a unique experience.

Tequila Casco Viejo Reposado 100% Agave

Made with 100% Agave
Available in 38 and 40 Alc. Vol.
Available in 70 cl and 1lt.
Dark golden color
Agave aroma with notes of cedar and fresh spices
Intense agave flavor with fresh hints and peppery flavor at the end.

Tequila Casco Viejo Gold

Available in 38 and 40 Alc. Vol.
Available in 5 cl, 70 cl and 1lt.
Ideal to be mixed with your favorite cocktails.
Gentle agave aroma
Smooth and light on the palate, flavor with clean agave notes initially, followed by sweet notes of vanilla.

Tequila Casco Viejo Silver

Available in 38 and 40 Alc. Vol.
Available in 70 cl and 1lt.
Perfect to mix with your favorite cocktail.
Gentle agave aroma.
Smooth and light on the palate, flavor with clean agave notes initially, followed by fresh and herbal notes.



The Company has its own plantations of agave, which they constantly check, to assure the maturity and sugar concentration needed to produce tequila with great quality.
Owning a plantation of agave provides raw material necessary for the elaboration of the tequila.



Once the agave reaches certain maturity the Jimadores, strong men, chose the best plants and they start cutting its leaves leaving it in the form of a pineapple.
Eventually, the plants are transported to the factory in order to be processed.



A delicate process of selection of the best agaves, is made in order to guarantee quality tequila, taking into consideration size, maturity degree and content of natural sweeten.
In order to assure an efficient cooking process, the agaves or piñas are cut in half to manage a greater penetration of the natural steam.

Approximately 100 tons of agave, are received daily to process them.



Once the agaves are cut in half, they're ready for the cooking process, which takes place in brick furnaces. This process lasts 48 hrs. (24 hours for cooking and 24 hrs for cooling).



The cooked agave is destroyed and then passed to mechanical mills, where the juices are extracted.



The extracted juices form the agave undergoes a fermentation process in tanks with a capacity of 24000 liters. This process lasts between 72 and 96 hrs.
This process is one of the key stages in the elaboration of our tequilas, which is done in open containers without applying additional heat.



Double distillation is made to all our products, where tails and heads are cut off to obtain only the purest tequila.



American Oak Barrels are used for the aging process, which goes from 2 up to 9 months, depending on the type of product.

Unlike other distilleries, that use enormous barrels, our tequila ages in 200 liter barrels, assuring more contact of the tequila with the oak.
At the moment, Casa Tequila Casco Viejo, has 200 barrels, hoping to end the 2007 with 10000 barrels.



All our tequilas are bottled in our own plant, using the most modern European bottling technology; currently the Company has a bottling capability of almost 3000 cases a day of tequila.



Every Tequila Distillery uses more than 40,000 liters of water per day. Tequila Supremo has developed one of the most modern devices for recycling several elements obtained in the production of tequila.

ZERO D, has been developed by Tequila Supremo engineers and patented in Mexico. Now, Mexican Government will require all Tequila Producers to have at least one ZERO D on operation.


ZERO D separates clean water (then re used it in the process), agave remains (solids) which are then used as fertilizer and molasses as cow food. ZERO D produces also steam, which is sent to the different production areas.

As a result, Tequila Supremo has none waste discharges. We are the first Tequila Producer, 100% Environment friendly.

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