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  • Cane Spirits Available for USA Distribution

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    Territories : USA
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    Ambrabev is a distilled spirits importer and producer in Kentucky, USA.
    We import bulk cachaca and sugarcane neutral spirit from Brazil.
    The cachaca is proofed and age in Kentucky bourbon barrels ;
    We also produce and bottle cane vodka from Brazilian cane neutral spirit and re-distill cane neutral spirit for production and bottling of cane gin.
    We have re-branded our original product lines (Espirito Cachacas and Boteco Vodkas) coincident with the launch of our new gin.
    We now offer:
    Blue Rook Cachaca
    Blue Rook Cane Vodka
    Blue Rook Cane Gin
    Our brands are registered under Blue Rook Cane Spirits.
    We are a registered DSP and sell cased retail-ready spirits to distributors in 14 states, including via B2B e-commerce (Liberation Distribution, "LibDib") and direct-to-consumer through our website.

    We solicit "Spirits Direct" relationships with large retailers in US states where we do not have traditional distribution, as well as potential international exportation collaboration.