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  • Czivar Vodka. A New and Exciting French Vodka offering from DBL.

    Seeking : Importers, Distributors
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    Czivar Vodka is a new and exciting French brand offering from DBL Distillery Brands. Distilled and bottled in France the product is ultra premium and ultra smooth, in the style of the highest quality and highly refined French Vodka's. Everything about the product is up scale except the price, intended for the mid market range. The product presents an opportunity to offer the highest quality distillation in terms of ingredients, taste and brand style to a market segment that is lacking in anything of this substance.

    Designed purposefully to be bold and engaging from the bold red Czivar brand ribbon that is printed all the way across the bottle to the embossed text on the frosted glass, the product is a complete luxury quality proposition that immediately impresses. 5 times distilled, select grains and regional spring water of the Charentes Region, 100% neutral grain.

    Distributor and Country opportunities are now available and we welcome you to contact us for more information.